Dave asks great questions.

On Strategy

  1. What existing services and products are undermining the one thing that makes you different and compelling?
  2. What is your customer’s primary problem? How do your products and services solve that problem?
  3. What assumptions – the routine way of doing things – about my company need questioning?
  4. How do you convert people from potential customers to actual customers?
  5. Why are customers loyal to your company? 
  6. What is the ideal final result from the customer’s point of view?
  7. What is standing in the way of achieving the ideal final result?
  8. If we were starting as a competitor to ourselves, how would we do it?
"Dave asked questions that stimulated our leadership team to pinpoint the results we wanted and the steps we could take to achieve them."
Holt Condren​
Founder and CEO of Ink Custom Tees​

"The way Dave processes life frames how he impacts executives and their teams."

Robbie Linn, President, eDocAmerica

“I felt successful in my leadership role at a large metropolitan hospital. But my personal life was chaotic. Dave is a great listener with a conversational style that immediately put me at ease. His coaching gave me insights to see what I hadn’t seen before and tools for doing life differently.
Mary Diles
Assistant Director
Nursing Development, Baptist Health
“Dave has a relational style of asking questions that enabled me to identify options, narrow my focus, and clearly see the best next steps. This gave me courage to choose a path forward.”
Mark Schatzman
Teaching Pastor and Congregational Leader
Fellowship Bible Church NWA
“When I started coaching with Dave, I was having trouble pinpointing the core problem. As a CEO, I knew my busyness was not translating into effectiveness. My conversations with Dave not only clarified key issues, but helped me discover what to do about them.”
Jack McGill
Elevate Orlando

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