by Dave Tarpley & Beau Glenn

ASK provides questions that can unlock conversations for crafting a dramatic shift in a father-son relationship. By connecting with one another, dads and sons realize how vulnerability and trust open doors to communicating what’s important about themselves and each other.

"ASK really won me over..."

“I gave ASK a shot with my jaded video-game and phone-obsessed 15-year-old son. Within 20 minutes, we were sharing in ways we hadn’t in years. When I offered to stop with the book, he prodded me to keep going. That was when ASK really won me over. Professionally, I’m a practicing psychiatrist who is often asked by moms and dads to recommend parenting books. I make suggestions, but families struggle to implement the strategies. I feel confident in recommending ASK to my clients because it is easy to use. It breaks through the clutter, sparks a dialogue, and stimulates positive change from the first minutes of use. This book is so effective and elegantly simple, I wish I had written it.”

Tad Tillemans, MD

Resource: Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA)

Resource   A brief and scientifically-based questionnaire, Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) measures how people view their personality traits and values. It also provides teams with an understanding of how to communicate more effectively and accomplish goals. Benefits As leaders gain insight into their personality and values, they discover:
  1. how their personality and values affect organizational outcomes
  2. how to experience greater fulfillment in their personal and professional lives
  3. how the organization reflects their personality and values 
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