Dave’s coaching involves discovery in response to challenges leaders and organizations experience.

Personal Coaching

Why keep doing more when you can do less, but better? Achieving success is often equated with trying harder. After all, logic tells us that increased effort yields greater rewards. But studies show that the drive to keep doing more elevates stress, decreasing an individual’s capacity to be creative and productive. Benefit: Coaching with Dave clarifies what really matters and redirects energy toward getting the right things done.

Organizational Coaching

Two of the challenges organizations grapple with are growing the human side of culture and creating the processes needed to reinforce that culture. Because culture is the primary driver of profit, it’s crucial for company leaders to adopt mindsets that develop an organization’s greatest asset – its people. Examples of mindsets:

Say It Out Loud    Effective leaders clearly and consistently communicate to their staff how they uniquely contribute to the organization’s goals. Benefit: This gives people a sense of fulfillment, purpose, and belonging, inspiring them to act because they want to, not because they have to.

Health Matters    Healthy organizations have leaders who practice self-awareness and create an environment where it’s safe to tell the truth. Additionally, people are recognized for who they are and the value they bring to the organization, rather than as a cost unit, function, or sum total of their achievements. Benefit: These leaders spend less time exerting control and more time building trust and cooperation with staff members.

Questions Before Answers    Asking the right questions before rushing to answers helps leadership teams identify how they can best support their people. Examples of vital process questions would be: “How do we create a plan that’s flexible enough to adapt to change?” and “What small wins will generate momentum?” Benefit: Knowing where the organization is headed and how it will move forward contributes to a culture that bolsters people’s skills and courage.